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Alicia Healey

Back in West Seattle - C&P Cafe

Heading back south to C&P Cafe

I hope you can make this show. Unpredictable. That's what you can count on.

Thanks to Roo for inviting me into the cocoon that he and The Few spin once a month at the C&P Cafe in West Seattle. 

His songs will take you into the alternate reality of your everyday life. Remember that one time when your girlfriend ran off with a surfer and it turned out to be the best news ever? Yeah? Well, he wrote a song about it. Hold on to your seat once he gets going.

Show is at 7p. We'll be sharing the show - and I hope to steal The Few on a couple of tunes. Don't be late - I expect seating to go quickly. 

Roo wrote up a nice blurb on my music for his email list. Gotta share: 

"Alicia Healey's music is like a kind stranger on a cold night, stepping out of the shadows and wrapping a luscious blanket around you. Suddenly the stressful chill is gone and you are transported into a cocoon of warmth.

I know that sounds like a lot, right?  But it's true.  Come see for yourself.  You'll think Amy Ray and Bonnie Raitt are taking your soul out for coffee. This Saturday Alicia's masterful musicianship and song craft will join Roo & The Few at C&P Cafe. Climb into the cocoon."

Yeah. It's gonna be that kind of a night. 


See you at 7pm at the C&P Cafe (5612 California Ave SW, Seattle - 206-933-3125).